Tyler & Candice's Wedding





The Laczko Family

Glen John, son of Liz and the late Bill Laczko of St. Brieux. Glen is self-employed, he owns and operates Laczko Trucking and Excavating. In his spare time Glen enjoys fishing and camping, Texas Hold’em Tournaments and playing cards.

Sharri Lynn, daughter of Ken and Vera Williams of Pleasantdale. Sharri is employed as a SCA at the Chateau Providence. Sharri enjoys curling, camping, fishing, horseback riding and playing cards.


The Martin Family

Randy Wayne, son of Pat and Eileen Martin of Canwood, is a self-employed, struggling farmer/rancher, who has had to take a loan out to get his daughter married off. In his spare time he likes to talk about farming and have a beer on the porch while watching his crops grow.

Rhonda Lee, is the daughter of Cliff and Dot Holmes of Shellbrook. She is an apprentice farmer working under the supervision of Randy, who is an "equal opportunity employer" who believes that Rhonda should do half the farm work. To supplement the farming income, Rhonda does books at DNA Tire in Shellbrook and works as an outside Travel Agent for Ixtapa Travel from Saskatoon. She doesn't get much spare time between the three jobs, but when she does, she enjoys getting caught up on some much needed sleep.




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