Tyler & Candice's Wedding





The Proposal

The proposal took place on February 14, 2009. It was an event that Tyler had planned out, telling Candice that they were going to Bonanza for a special Valentine's Day supper. Candice wasn't impressed that she was going to Bonanza on Valentine’s Day but Tyler ensured her that it would be very special because he knows the owners there. He used this same argument to explain why he was wearing a suit and that Candice should dress up for their evening out.

Supper reservations were made for 8:30 since Candice worked till 6:00 on Saturday's and Tyler wanted to ensure that she had enough time to get home, shower and get ready. On the way to Bonanza Tyler made a turn into The Keg which made Candice very excited since Tyler had never taken Candice out for a nice supper...EVER!

After getting seated Tyler went into the bathroom to make a phone call to a friend to let her know that they were at the restaurant. This was her queue to go to Tyler and Candice's house to setup wine, rose pedals, candles, etc. The night went on and Tyler and Candice enjoyed a couple drinks and amazing steaks. When the night was over Tyler made one more bathroom break to let the friend know they were on their way home and she should light the candles and GET OUT.

When they arrived at the house Tyler let Candice open the door while he put the ring case in his hand. Candice went inside and was shocked at what she saw; she didn't know what to think. Tyler led Candice into the living room where everything was setup and said a couple of endearing comments before going down to one knee and holding the ring out. Candice put her hands over her face and started crying, it was very emotional. Then Tyler said those magic words, "Candice, will you marry me?"

She fell onto him and gave him the biggest hug, tears of joy on her cheeks as she said, "YES!"




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